Dental Bonding

Dr. Brianne Fratantonio


If you are bothered by;

Bonding is an affordable way to correct common dental complaints quickly and safely.

Gaps between your teeth


Stubborn stains

Poorly-shaped tooth


How dental bonding works?

Composite resin is a mix of tooth-colored resin and powdered glass.

It's designed to replace damaged enamel and tooth structure.

The material's color is matched to the color of your teeth. It blends beautifully and naturally.

This putty-like resin is applied to your teeth to cover imperfections, including discoloration that resists whitening.

Your dentist shapes the material in a way that covers dental concerns.

Resin is then "hardened to your tooth using a curing light."


What are the benefits of bonding?

Dental bonding is a more affordable alternative to plastic veneers.

It's also a quick treatment. You can get an improved smile in a single visit!

Veneers require the removal of a small amount of natural tooth enamel. Bonding doesn't. For this reason, bonding is considered a reversible and low-risk procedure.


What our patients say?

Dr. Bre is thorough, kind, and understanding. She listens to the patient/parent, and walks you through the process. Our visits are always pleasant. She was able to get us in quickly when I overbooked appointments for both children. We walked away with the same quality of service. I never see anyone waiting long in the waiting area. Highly recommended.

Sharee McClintitc


If you are ready to renew your smile and upgrade to the smile you know you deserve,


reach out to  Dr. Brianne Fratantonio and her team at Chesterland Family Dental Care in Chesterland, OH, to ask about dental bonding.