Both adults and kids in Chesterland, OH can benefit from dental sealants to prevent tooth loss

Our family works with your family to maintain healthy, beautiful smiles for life. Dental sealants in Chesterland, OH at our office represent one of the most powerful and straightforward preventive services available to modern dentistry. In fact, sealants such as those placed by Dr. Brianne Fratantonio and her associates at Chesterland Family Dental Care have been clinically proven to reduce the risk of decay among “sealed” teeth by up to 80%!

How sealants work

When you run your tongue over your back teeth, or look in the closest mirror, you feel and see grooved surfaces. These grooves or pitted areas tend to trap food particles and promote the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. The location of these molars is also problematic, because it can be difficult to reach back teeth easily. This is where dental sealants come to the rescue.

Sealants are applied to protect teeth that are vulnerable to decay. They behave like “rain coats” for our teeth; instead of absorbing the particles and other harmful substances, sealants block these intruders from penetrating the tooth.

Sealants are generally made from two different categories of dental materials: glass ionomers or composite resin. These materials are applied to clean and dry, decay-prone teeth in liquid form. The sealants are then “cured” or hardened and bonded securely to the natural, underlying tooth structure. For the strongest bond, minimal preparation (or “etching”) is required. This step of further texturing the teeth supports a durable “seal” and also helps to allow the sealant material to flow thoroughly into the fissures.

The process is:

  • Fast – can be completed in minutes
  • Easy
  • Painless
  • Non-invasive
  • Lasting – we’ll check the condition of the sealants during routine check-ups
  • Affordable – may be 100% covered by insurance as a preventive service
  • Effective at preventing the leading causes of tooth loss

Not just for kids

Dental sealants may be recommended to our pediatric patients. The sooner we’re able to protect molars from decay, the better. These back teeth first begin to erupt or break through the gums at around the age of six. So, that’s why you may associate sealants as a children’s dental treatment. However, sealants don’t have an “age limit.” In fact, as you get older, new challenges may arise to your good oral health. Hundreds of medications to manage chronic conditions cause dry mouth. Saliva cleanses food debris naturally. Sealants can help to keep your teeth free of harmful particles that stick to uneven surfaces.

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