Preventative dental maintenance in Chesterland, OH: for the long, healthy life of your smile and body

From vehicles to your home’s heating and cooling, you know that consistent “tune-ups” and routine maintenance help you to avoid costly and potentially dangerous breakdowns. The same notion of preventative maintenance applies to dentistry; your dental office in Chesterland, OH, encourages you and your family to stay on top of oral exams and professional cleanings. Generally, the Chesterland Family Dental Care team, led by Dr. Brianne (“Dr. Bri”) Fratantonio, recommends these visits at least every six months. 

During these visits, our dentists examine your teeth, gums, and associated oral structures for signs of disease, decay, and abnormalities that may warrant further investigation. Some suspicious lumps and bumps may need to be evaluated by specialists to rule out conditions, such as cancer. Advanced diagnostics like X-rays help to pinpoint “hidden” problems or conditions that can’t be identified with visual inspection or palpation alone. Tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancers are all relatively easy to treat quickly and in a non-invasive manner when detected and addressed early into the disease processes. 

Our Registered Dental Hygienists also support the prevention of these oral health conditions by cleaning bacterial plaque from the teeth and the gum line. They are trained to use specialized tools that remove hardened plaque (tartar or calculus). Plaque progressively eats away at the tooth structure, and it irritates and inflames the gums that support your teeth. As professional yet non-judgmental partners in your oral health, our dentists and hygienists recommend oral care products and techniques. These recommendations are based on your needs at the time. Oral care needs evolve; for instance, due to medical conditions and the medications used to treat them, dry mouth may be a new concern. To prevent the decay associated with dry mouth, we may recommend products such as melts and lozenges that moisturize and stimulate increased salivary flow.

Patients with existing gum disease (periodontal disease) may benefit from a “deep” cleaning known as scaling and root planing. This process removes tartar from the root surfaces and smooths out rough surfaces on the roots that attract plaque. A non-surgical procedure, scaling, and root planing promotes tissue healing. You avoid the need for more extensive surgical treatments to rejuvenate healthy attachment between the teeth and gums. Additional preventive treatments include oral appliances to protect the teeth from damage caused by teeth-grinding or sports injuries and dental sealants to “seal out” food debris and bacteria from the decay-prone, grooved back teeth.

Generally, preventive maintenance is:

  • Gentle – conditions can be resolved conservatively and non-invasively
  • Cost-effective – preventive services may be 100% covered by your insurance plan
  • Healthy – preventing problems is healthier than reacting to problems that can affect your nutrition due to painful chewing

Notably, conditions such as periodontal disease are risk factors for an array of medical problems. Gum disease is associated with poor diabetes control and cardiovascular problems such as hypertension. 

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Brianne R. Fratantonio, MA, DMD
Nicholas R. Fratantonio, DDS, FAGD
Daniela Diaz, DMD
Trudy Amstadt, DDS

Brianne R. Fratantonio, MA, DMD, earned her dental degree from Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine and her Bachelor of Science and Masters in Biology from John Carroll University. She is a member of the American Dental Association (ADA), Ohio Dental Association (ODA), American Academy of Facial Esthetics, Straight Wire Orthodontic Studies, Engel Institute of Dental Implants, and Dental XP Externship. She is passionate about providing general dentistry services and building lasting patient relationships.

Nicholas R. Fratantonio, DDS, FAGD, received his postgraduate training at Case Western Reserve University Dental School. He is a member of the ADA, ODA, Northeast Ohio Dental Society, International Association of Orthodontics, American Orthodontic Society, American Association of Functional Orthodontics, and International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics, a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, and a Past President of the Northeastern Ohio Neuromuscular Study Club.

Daniela Diaz, DMD, earned her doctorate from Case Western Reserve University and took part in an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Internship at MetroHealth Medical Center. She keeps updated with the latest technologies and follows various continuing education courses to expand her skills. Dr. Diaz is a member of the ADA, ODA, American Association for Women Dentists, Hispanic Dental Association, and Greater Cleveland Dental Society (GCDS).

Trudy Amstadt, DDS, is a graduate of the School of Dental Medicine at Case Western Reserve University. She has followed advanced courses in cosmetic dentistry, dentures, crowns and bridges, occlusion, and neuromuscular dentistry. She has memberships with the American Dental Society, ODA, GCDS0, and various study clubs.