Precision, gentle dental extractions support immediate pain relief, sustained oral health

An extraction is a common and sometimes necessary dental procedure that is performed to preserve the overall health and wellness of the mouth and not just a single tooth. Patients very often have dental fear when they need to have a tooth extraction.  The compassionate team at Chesterland Family Dental Care, led by Dr. Brianne Fratantonio, understands dental anxiety and will remove the infected tooth quickly and efficiently with little or no pain, REALLY!  In addition to anesthetic, we offer conscious sedation options for dental anxiety. 

A healthy partnership

We believe in the power of partnerships. We will work closely with you to identify even modest adjustments to oral hygiene that can make a big difference in your oral health and overall wellbeing. Since we visit with our patients at least every six months, we can monitor for problems early. When conditions are detected early into the decay or disease process, they can be treated promptly and, generally, in a non-invasive manner. Prompt attention and ongoing monitoring also mean we can help you avoid the pain and other side effects associated with one of the most common types of dental extraction: wisdom teeth removal.

The problem with wisdom teeth

These molars are the teeth towards the very back of your mouth. By the time they try to break through your gums, you may not have sufficient room in your mouth to accommodate them. As wisdom teeth try to erupt, they place pressure on the overlying tissues. This can result in intense pain. Additionally, these teeth may press up against neighboring teeth and damage them. With proactive care, we will tend to the impacted wisdom teeth before they produce pain and other symptoms. Also, our precision approach to extraction provides immediate pain relief. Today, you can benefit from all sorts of non-invasive equipment and safe, fast-acting medications to keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout treatment.

Other reasons for tooth extractions

An intense toothache may be indicative of deep tooth decay. We work with you to keep your teeth healthy. However, not all decayed teeth can be preserved or restored with root canal therapy. In those cases, we will recommend emergency extraction. This process provides immediate pain relief. You will also be on the road to a healthier smile (and body) in no time. We discuss tooth replacement options to avoid bone loss and other destructive processes that occur when teeth are lost. These options may include conventional and implant-supported dental bridges and dentures.

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Many other conditions that may require a tooth to be extracted can also be managed or prevented. For instance, custom mouthguards protect teeth from severe fractures (or from being knocked-out!) due to sports-related injuries. Not all teeth can be successfully “re-rooted.” And, again, not all fractured teeth are appropriate candidates for root canal treatment. Do not wait for problems to arise. Call (440) 491-4001 to schedule an appointment at our Chesterland office, and also serving Hunting Valley, Gates Mills, Chardon, Munson, Kirtland, Russell, Chagrin Falls, Novelty, Mayfield, and neighboring communities.