Dental bonding in Chesterland, OH: Transform your smile in one visit!

Chips and gaps, and other imperfections often arise as the result of cumulative wear and tear. For instance, bruxers may grind their teeth so forcefully that small fractures form. Chronic jaw-clenching and other conditions can cause teeth to shift out of position. Wear can also reduce the height of a tooth, making it appear overly short compared to surrounding teeth. Yet, these and other cosmetic concerns can be eliminated in a single visit to Chesterland Family Dental Care. 

  • Fast
  • Conservative
  • Comfortable
  • Non-invasive
  • Affordable
  • L0w-risk
  • Versatile

Bonding involves preparing a type of dental material. So, that it perfectly “mimics” natural tooth enamel. That material, known as composite resin, is color-matched to surrounding teeth. Since it is pliable, the material may be shaped to cover up chips, modest cracks, and spacing issues. It can also be used to alter a short tooth or the contours of an irregularly shaped tooth. Additionally, composite resin may cover up very dark discoloration or intrinsic stains that do not respond well to teeth whitening and bleaching methods.

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The process

To create a strong “bond” between the natural tooth and the resin, the surface of the teeth to be treated is texturized. A conditioning liquid is also applied to ensure the material is fixed securely to the teeth. No natural enamel is removed. So, the procedure is considered to be conservative, preserving maximum natural tooth structure. Bonding is also a reversible procedure because the tooth itself is not altered. Since enamel remains untouched, sensitivity and other risks are eliminated. Many patients tolerate the process well. Treated teeth should be cared for like natural teeth. During a visit to our office, we will evaluate your teeth and gums. We may determine that you are a better candidate for alternative treatments. Depending on your needs, professional teeth whitening, orthodontic treatments like Smart Moves and Invisalign, or restorations such as porcelain crowns, may be more appropriate. We also offer indirect veneers made from dental porcelain. These veneers are incredibly lifelike and resist stains. Contact Chesterland Family Dental Care at (440) 491-4001 to schedule your evaluation.