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Mar 15

If you’ve been told you have one or more cavities, you may wonder what type of filling is best for your teeth. Silver amalgam fillings have been used for years and years. A more modern choice, however, is composite fillings for teeth. Composite fillings are a mix of plastic resin material and powdered glass with […]

Nov 21

Advanced services and prosthetics such as fillings, can help preserve dental and overall health. At Chesterland Family Dental Care, we can help you take care of your teeth before, during, and after the fillings are placed. That is the goal of this review of dental fillings service options by Dr. Brianne Fratantonio and Associates for […]

Mar 03

If you are an adult, you are more than likely familiar with silver fillings that have been common for many decades in dental care. In fact, you may even have a few in your mouth right now. In addition to being an eyesore, metal amalgam is extremely sensitive to temperature, expanding and contracting while in […]

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